JCC Historic Background

Jerusalem Cigarette Company PLC. (JCC) is a publicly listed company founded in 1964 by the late Mustafa Muhammad Al-Alami. The Company specializes in manufacturing tobacco and cigarettes for local and regional markets. The Company prides itself on being a major contributor to the local economy by producing locally made products and offering employment opportunities to the local community. Moreover, the Company's annual contributions to the state treasury exceeds tens of millions of dollars in taxes and fees.

Our company's history can be traced back to before 1967, and was marked by a historic grand opening conducted by the late King Hussein bin Talal. The company continued its economic role after the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority. Our heritage shapes our commitment to excellence as well as the service of the local economy.

At JCC, social responsibility is at the core of our objective. We believe in creating a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

Empowering Through Employment: Since our founding, JCC has provided employment opportunities for over 3,000 Palestinian workers, supporting hundreds of families in the process. Today, we remain committed to this mission with a team of over 300 employees among our group.

Investing in the Future: JCC recognizes the importance of education. We are proud to support dozens of deserving students at local universities, helping them achieve their academic goals to build brighter futures.

Supporting Our Community: JCC actively contributes to the well-being of our community by partnering with local charitable and social institutions.

In recent decades, the company has contributed to the establishment of many local companies operating in various fields. It contributed to the establishment of the Arab Care Medical Services Center, the Arab Investors Company, The Mashreq Insurance Company and others. In recent years, the JCC has established a new first of its kind agricultural and post-harvest services subsidiary by the name of Rift Valley for Development and Investment Ltd. which is expected to be a major cornerstone of the Palestinian private sector in the years to come especially in the field of export of agricultural produce.

Board of Directors

Chairman “Mohammad Ali” Mustafa Alami, Ph.D.
Deputy Chairman
  • Jerusalem Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Represented by Omar M. Alami,

  • Dr. Ghazi Hana Hanania
  • Walid Abdel Jabbar Badarneh
  • Saleem Baker Hashem
  • Bashar Yousef Barghouti
  • Jerusalem Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Represented by Issa M. Alami, Ph.D.

  • Jerusalem Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Represented by Mustafa M. Alami

  • Arab Investors Co. Ltd.
  • Represented by Dr. Bassam S. Hanania

  • Arab Investors Co. Ltd.
  • Represented by Ms. Dara O. Alami

Executive Management

General Manager “Mohammad Ali” M. Alami Ph.D
Financial Consultant Omar Mustafa Alami
Administrative Manager Randa Mousa Al-Alami
Deputy General Manager for
Marketing Affairs, Distribution, and Raw Material Procurement
Mustafa “Mohammad Ali” Alami
Deputy General Manager for
Financial and Accountant Affairs
Dara Omar Alami
Deputy General Manager for
Production, Development, and Projects Affairs
Musa “Mohammad Ali” Alami
Assistant Deputy General Manager for Production Affairs Marwan Hanna Awad
Assistant Deputy General Manager for Production Affairs Aban Mohammad Aldeek
Assistant Deputy General Manager for Production Affairs Raji Mahmoud Arekat
Financial Controller Haitham Ibrahim Afifi
Financial Manager Ibrahim Ahmad Adileh
Shareholder Affairs Officer Amani Mahmoud Arekat
Human Recourses Manager Ziad Khamis Bahar

PEX: JCC – Price 2.1 JOD

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P.O.Box 19594
Jerusalem, 9119402